How long does the payment take?
After the sale of your site has been approved on both sides, we have a mandatory 1-3 processing time before the payment has been completed. This time is to ensure that all of the appropriate administrative work has been completed before the official sale of the website.

Are there any fees associated with selling my site?
No, there are no extra fees for selling your site. However we use an escrow platform to facilitate the purchase to make sure everything is completed according to the book, they have a flat fee which we split 50/50 between buyer and seller.

What should I do to get my site ready to sell?
In order to get your site ready to sell we have developed a sales-ready questionnaire which goes through all of the work you can do to help prepare your site. You can access this questionnaire by…

How do I price my site?
After the questionnaire has been completed we will either get in touch with you to gather some more information or we will have received enough information from the questionnaire and we will be able to make a site evaluation which we will share with you.

What is the process for selling?
The sales process is straightforward and it begins with you completing the questionnaire, afterwards, we do our due diligence and provide a valuation to you. If you agree to the price we will begin completing the payment with the facilitator escrow. Then you will transfer the domain to us and give us admin access to the backend of the website. The payment takes place after the website is transferred to us, and then the funds are released by escrow.com.

What should I include in the sale of my site?
Included in the sale of your website is the domain name your website is hosted on, any WordPress files related to the website, social media account associated to the website and any mailing lists linked to the site if applicable.

What if I want to ask more than the valuation you provide for my site?

We will create a valuation based on the information you have provided us within the questionnaire, from that valuation you are welcome to negotiate the price if you are not satisfied with the original offer.

What kind of information do I need to provide for you to sell my site?
Some key information is required from you in order to sell your website this includes read only access to google analytics which you can make available to us. Another required piece of documentation is screenshots of proof of income, you can provide this in anyway, bank statements or advertisement payment dashboards. Ideally you will have a profit/loss spreadsheet in order for us to have clearer information.

What will you do with my personal information after the site sells?
Your personal information will not be stored by us in anyway. Security is something we take very seriously at MyWebAssets, so in order for us to keep everything for secure for our customers is to not store any personal information.

Can I sell just a percentage of my site?
At this point we are only interested in buying 100% of the sites we acquire.

What payment options are there?
We only use escrow.com to facilitate the payment this allows for trust and security throughout the sale.


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